Does Our Modern Diet Affect Our Overall Health? Part 1

Isn’t it curious that Webster’s Dictionary defines medicine as “the science and art dealing with the maintenance of health and the prevention, alleviation, or cure of disease”?

Why do we say that?

Too many medical practitioners today offer a solution to the symptom of the patient’s ailment, but fail to understand or treat the cause.

The maintenance of health and the prevention of disease, it has been proven, go hand in hand with our diets. The foods we choose are central to our overall health.

What is the modern diet?

The modern diet can also include what has commonly been called the Western Diet. In an article on modern diets, Dr Mercola states that “Three decades ago, the food available was mostly fresh and grown locally. Today, the majority of foods consumed are highly processed; high in sugar and low in healthful fat.”

The impact of this diet has been widely publicised - and highly criticised! But let’s look at the facts.

Food as Medicine

We are, quite literally, what we eat. The foods that we consume are broken down and used to build our bodies, from our skin to our blood and everything in between.

Essential Nutrients

Essential, as we know, means “absolutely necessary.” Therefore, essential nutrients are substances within our foods that are vital for the proper functioning of our cells. If they are not present, the cell cannot perform its function, and the process will slow down or stop. This marks the beginning of disease.

The modern diet is calorie rich, and filling, loaded with animal protein in the form of meat and dairy. It also includes processed carbohydrates, and these combinations – often loaded with salt, sugar and fat, leave us feeling full and satisfied. However, these empty calories simply do not have the essential nutrients that our bodies need to function well.

Many people are startled to find that their family members, while suffering from obesity, are also malnourished.

All Natural?

Often, an individual will make what they think is a healthy choice, opting for “low fat” or “high in fibre” products off the shelf. But refining even healthy foods, removes the natural ingredients that makes them healthy in the first place. “Since one or more of their edible components is removed in the processing, these foods are technically no longer considered “natural.”” So says Nutrition Student Nancy Miller.

In our modern world, even all-natural foods have fewer nutrients to offer our starving bodies. Soil depletion, the indiscriminate use of chemicals, and industrial farming techniques have robbed our basic food groups of the nutrition that they once had.

There is more to the story of the modern diet and our overall health. Please look out for part two of this series to find out what you can do to keep yourself and your family healthy.


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