It’s Time To Lighten Up! Removing Heavy Metals Can Significantly Improve Your Health

Unless you live in a very remote and pristine environment, the chances are very good that you have heavy metals stored in your body. Most of us, in fact, actually have excessive amounts! This is not necessarily through any real fault of our own. We’re exposed to heavy metals in the air we breathe and the food we eat. Even the fillings in our teeth can be bad for us! Removing heavy metals is important to reverse many of the negative effects their accumulation has on our bodies.


The Importance Of Removing Heavy Metals From Our Bodies

Essentially, there are “good” heavy metals and “bad” heavy metals. Our body actually needs certain “good” heavy metals – such as zinc, manganese, iron, chromium and copper – to enhance our health. But we only need them in trace amounts, such as those which typically occur in the food we eat. We can expose ourselves to toxic amounts through overusing dietary supplements, working in certain industrial environments, or if we have medical issues – such as kidney or liver disease – that impair the way in which our bodies metabolise these metals.

The “bad” heavy metals include mercury, lead, aluminium and cadmium. Mercury is one of the most common heavy metals to which we’re exposed. Common sources include amalgam dental fillings, cosmetics, fish and air pollution. Mercury occurs naturally in coal, and South Africa obtains over 90% of its power from coal-fired electricity generation plants. This makes them the highest contributors to mercury emissions in the country. In 2015 alone, between 17 and 23 tons of mercury is calculated to have been emitted from Eskom’s coal-fired power stations.

Lead is another common heavy metal pollutant, occurring in some paint, contaminated water (from lead pipes) as well as in the air. Even some cosmetics – particularly lipstick – contains lead.


How Do You Remove Heavy Metals?

Once they’re in our bodies, heavy metals don’t usually leave of their own accord. They slowly accumulate over time, leading to chronic heavy metal toxicity that can cause a host of problems, including:

  • Chronic muscle pain and fatigue
  • Forgetfulness or “brain fog”
  • Gastrointestinal problems - bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, heartburn, indigestion
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches, mood swings, depression and anxiety

Some of the best ways to help your body get rid of excess heavy metals are:

  • Eat an organic, highly alkaline diet – try to include plenty of raw food, such as salads, soups and smoothies.
  • Cram in the coriander – this tasty herb is a natural chelator of heavy metals from the body, so throw a big handful into smoothies and salads.
  • Sweat It Out – Infrared saunas, unlike regular saunas, penetrate deep into subcutaneous tissue where they help to eliminate heavy metals from your connective tissue and fat.

If you’re concerned that symptoms you’re experiencing are the result of heavy metal toxicity, chat to Dr Alain Sanua about the best ways for you to start removing heavy metals from your body. Dr Sanua is a qualified medical doctor who also practices Integrated Medicine. Call now to make an appointment.


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