Understanding Healing vs Suppression

The first cognitive shift to utilizing the body’s own healing mechanism is to understand that symptoms are the body’s biological response to alert us to an imbalance that needs fixing. Suppressing symptoms may eradicate the manifestation or message from our body but was the cause healed?


Self-healing, self-perpetuating organism

Would you like one? You got it! That’s how our bodies essentially function, so if you’re in a body, that’s what you’ve have. That fact should find an increase in educated, informed and empowered patients who understand what our marvellous bodies are trying to tell us.


Better choices, faster healing and zero suppression

Thanks to an innovative researcher and homoeopath Constantine Hering, we have a verified healing law to help us understand the behaviour of symptoms in the body’s attempt to go for a cure. Symptoms in all living beings are directional, they move: -

  • From the top, downwards
  • From within, outwards
  • From a more important organ to a less important one
  • And all the above in the reverse order of their journey to the surface

Animals don’t suppress, we do, so we’re the ones needing the low down on healing here.


Peeling back the layers

The Hering Law provides a great healing clue in the pursuit of avoiding suppression. That means that healing is like peeling back the layers of an onion, starting with what shows up on the surface and working our way back down the path to locate its origin.

Lets’ get smart and work with our homoeopath or health practitioner and our fantastic body mechanisms to address our health issues at their core.

Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only and is not intended as a diagnosis. For more information please consult your health professional


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