Post Holidays Detox Guides

Holidays are not the time to mind overly much if you’ve taken to consuming more alcohol than usual or tucked into more sweet treats than you did all year. Herewith are detox guide ideas you can keep on hand for whenever the need arises.


Step 1: Don’t panic.

Detoxing is much easier than you think and holiday weight gain is a picnic compared to fighting the extra kilo’s that have been with us for longer.


Step 2: Don’t lose it.

We mean ‘keep your head’, a good detox guide is a temporary measure and the moment you’re back to square one it’s over. Don’t lose the goal just because you’re feeling sluggish and blocked.


Step 3: Don’t starve.

Throwing our systems into crises by total deprivation is counterproductive, detoxing is about what we eat and drink, not whether we do.


Step 4: Don’t delay.

Set a date and start, the longer you wait, the more detoxing guidance you’ll need.

With so many options available, a guide is but a guide, so here are the detox principles. Pick one that resonates with you and accompany your choice with loads of spring water. It goes without saying that we’d clear our plan with a practitioner and we’d be avoiding dairy products, starch and anything fried if you feel you can’t go purely onto what follows.


Detox Guide 1

Flush: It’s tough but it works. The French do it with a simple soup made from leeks alone. But there’s no harm in adding parsley, cabbage and celery to that mix. Boil it up in a little chicken stock and drink as often as you can manage for two or three days.


Detox Guide 2

Cleanse: Three days of juicing –go for green as much as possible – green apple, celery, cucumber, spinach, parsley or, alternate veg juicing and fruit juicing- adding pineapple and papaya works too.


Detox Guide 3

Nourish: Five days with the focus on raw. Sprouts added to green salads brings pure new-born life into your system.

Disclaimer - This article is for information purposes only and is not intended as a diagnosis. For more information please consult your health professional)


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