Insulin Resistance- The Bottom Line

From fat gain – notably belly fat, to muscle loss, to fatty liver, heart disease, stroke, prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, cancers, endometrial cancer, thyroid problems and even Alzheimer’s disease, we are looking at the ‘vile d’jour’ called insulin resistance. If you’re struggling to lose weight or with symptoms of menopause, Insulin performance - or lack thereof more accurately, could be the issue. Understanding the workings of insulin will guide us to informed health choices.

What Is Insulin?

Insulin is one of the hormones that regulate human metabolism. When all functions optimally and there is no insulin resistance, beta cells in the pancreas discharge insulin into the bloodstream to retrieve the glucose and deliver it to our cells. The moment we eat, our fat burning process shuts down in favour of using the newly acquired glucose energy. The circulatory system delivers insulin throughout the body, including the muscular system, cardiovascular and central nervous system. When we don’t use the energy supplied to the muscles, they remain full and all the excess glucose we consume is converted to fat stored in the liver and sadly, the overflow goes into the tissue on our waistlines.

What Is Insulin Resistance?

In the case of insulin resistance, the beta cells are doing their job, secreting insulin into the bloodstream but the cells put up barriers and turn a ‘deaf ear’ to the insulin’s knocking at the door to open receptors along the cell wall. Why? Latest research reveals it’s because the cells are trying to protect themselves from nourishment it doesn’t recognize, namely the overload of fake carbohydrates and sugars we load into our systems in the name of food. The result is that the levels of glucose in the blood remain high. The message is then relayed to the pancreas to send out more insulin, which it bravely does, day in and day out, trying to counteract our thoughtless appetites for processed and genetically modified foods.

Cure For Insulin Resistance

Perhaps the word ‘cure’ is a tad misleading but the fact is there is much we can do to offset the onset of insulin resistance. The bottom line is reducing carbohydrates reduces insulin secretion, gets fat cells getting rid of their stored hoards and we’ll experience better health all round.
There is another blindside issue and that is if we’re TOFI (Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside). If tests come back positive for insulin resistance in this case, the recipe for cure reads pretty much the same, starting with the carb cutting recommendation.
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