Herb Up And Feature Fresh Herbs In Your Diet.

Herb Up And Feature Fresh Herbs In Your Diet.

Without attributing miracles to herbs, we all know the role of anti-oxidants in keeping cancers at bay and herbs are loaded with them – ask Margaret Roberts. The startling aspect though is that herbs protect our food from oxidization. Simply adding herbs to marinades protects the fats from becoming inflammatory in nature. So, if you insist on making your own version of Kentucky Fried Chicken and you’re going to be using high heat with fatty proteins, best you marinate your chicken pieces in a herb-heavy marinade beforehand.

It’s as simple as adding fresh herbs to what you are already making. Here are some ideas:

  • Pestle and mortar fresh herbs and rub that on your meat, fish and chicken before cooking.
  • Add chopped fresh herbs to your scrambled eggs.
  • Make teas with fresh herbs -  add honey and lemon and turn them into refreshing ice-teas.
  • Add sprigs of fresh herbs to olive oil and make your own infusions.
  • Sneak fresh herbs into lunchbox sandwiches.
  • Halve the lettuce portion in your salad creations and make up the rest with fresh herbs.
  • Add it to the family mashed potatoes and into the mac & cheese.

The best news of all is that reports show the most effective way for our systems to absorb and benefit from the wonderful propertied present in fresh herbs is just to consume them daily in our regular diet. Don’t think you need to find some capsule with artificially concentrated amounts to benefit. The chances are your body won’t recognize what you’re pumping into it. Conversely, our finely tuned systems know what to do with herbs grown in nature.

With no excuse these days for enlightenment regarding our health, and with the beautiful, bright green lush-looking herbs available in the stores we regularly visit, let’s buy our friends a pot of fresh herbs as a gift rather than a slab of chocolate.

Jumping on the herb bandwagon is something to be proud of. Educating our children to recognize and enjoy their bursts of flavour and the variety they provide in our diet, is a fun way to make sure we’re preventing all manner of ills. Long live herbs and good health to you as you incorporate them into your daily eating program.

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