Chelation Therapy Wins Chemical Warfare Against Household Toxins

Our houses may be anything but safe if we’re ignorant of the household toxins that we expose ourselves and our family members to. However big the threat is in our individual case, eliminating them even one by one is worth quenching those silent missiles lurking in our homes.

The Guilty Culprits Of Household Toxins Exposed

More or less keeping things to the kitchen, we need to understand that food additives often contain tin and aluminium, pesticides also contain tin plus mercury. We know not to cook in aluminium, right, but how about Teflon-coated pans and plastic microwave ware that also leach toxins into the food we cook in them. That’s even predictable but how about our tea, coffee and cocoa? They are not innocent – mass produced and all but stripped of their natural properties, have high levels of cadmium and nickel just as cigarettes have!

Medicines, our regular antacids, contain aluminium. Cosmetics, skin products, paints, ceramic, batteries, electronic equipment all contain varying levels of toxic substances. Without wanting to sound paranoid, we’ve all exposed ourselves rather thoroughly to household toxins.

Chelation Therapy Counters Household Toxins

Not a once-off process, but in one requiring consistent, sustained therapy, the deadly effects of household toxins can be eliminated from the body. After a comprehensive history is established, plus a full physical examination, a series of blood tests are needed to obtain mineral and lipid levels as well as to assess kidney, liver and pancreas function. Cardiovascular and respiratory fitness testing should also be performed. Chelating agents can then be administered with accurate aim – chelation therapy removes specific household toxins out of the blood.

DMSA (Dimercaptosuccinic acid) and Chlorella can be taken orally if adhered to over a prolonged period of time. Used in combination, Chelation Therapy with EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) achieves maximum effect and in time wins the war, halting side-effects of household poisons, stimulating the activity of previously inhibited enzymes and metabolic pathways. One will feel less depressed, more alert and energised, experiencing better concentration and memory. Platelet aggregation is reduced, healthy heart function occurs due to the dilation of coronary arteries. EDTA also improves the ratio of HDL (good) to LDL (bad) cholesterol. Makes one want to have Chelation Therapy just for good measure and that’s not a bad choice as the likelihood of our being affected by our household toxins is more or less a sure thing.


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