Let Cadmium and Arsenic Poisoning Be Reason Enough To Quit Smoking

We say let toxic poisons be ‘reason enough’ to quit smoking because, to be frank, there’s every reason to quit and not one valid reason in all the world to inhale smoke into your two precious lungs. If you’re reading this article, you’re a health-conscious person, which is a huge plus in your favour. After all, everyone on the planet knows that smoking is very harmful and they smoke regardless. The perspective herewith is an intelligent confirmation for you that you’re doing a worthy thing to quit the smoking habit.

What Cadmium does to your body

Smokers typically have twice as much cadmium in their systems as the rest of us. Cadmium is used in batteries and is highly toxic to the human organism. The effects compound in the body and show up later in damaged bones, lung tissue, liver and kidneys. That alone is sound enough reason to quit smoking if it was the only reason.

What Arsenic does to your body

Occurring in nature, organic arsenic is present in nature, is perfectly in its place and totally unharmful to our bodies. Inorganic arsenic occurs via metal smelting and in the pesticides used in tobacco farming. (Yes, inorganic arsenic remains intact right through processing into cigarettes.) The amounts are small per cigarette but arsenic a Group 1 human carcinogenic (poison). You must be so glad you quit smoking already! Inhaling just that little arsenic in the regular intervals that a cigarette smoker does, delivers enough of the poison to facilitate cancer of the bladder, kidneys, liver, lungs and skin (including skin lesions and hyperpigmentation). What is more – this poison remains residual in the air for nine hours. So, think of your children and what you’re doing to the air they breathe after you’ve expelled it from your lungs and from all that is released when your cigarette is just smouldering between your fingers or on the ashtray.

Support your body in its work after you’ve quit smoking

Within twenty minutes after the last cigarette, the body begins countermeasures toward healing. Whatever damage may have been caused, the repair work yields fabulous rewards at a rapid rate although you may not be physically aware of it. Educating oneself as to the good done by quitting smoking assists in holding the resolve firm. Just imagine, you’ll become a happy non-smoker, even if you forever enjoy the whiff you get now and then when someone lights up.

Here are a couple ways to assist the detox process after you’ve quit smoking:

1.  Water – makes sense, it’ll wash out the accumulated filth. You’ll need at least 2 litres a day.

2.  Exercise – a multipronged defence. It’s a healthy distraction, delivering the same ‘high’ received via cigarettes.  Working up a sweat releases poisonous toxin through the skin and burning calories keeps weight down.

3.  Juicing – you need lots of Vit C, so go for plenty of orange juice. Juice leafy veg to restore Vit E (a great cellular defence). Add ginger and garlic to clear the lungs. Asparagus, beet, grapefruit and tomatoes work a fabulously for all who’ve quit smoking.

4.  Tea – Green tea (try to get Matcha Japanese Green tea), lemon tea and peppermint tea will work wonders. Drink at least three of those per day in addition to the recommended water intake.

5.  Lastly, take a liquorice root supplement – it soothes the respiratory tract but is also an expectorant, which helps to break up mucus in the lungs.

To quit smoking will be the greatest favour you can do for yourself, for your health and for the health of your family, friends, co-workers and your neighbour residents on planet earth. Well done!

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