Creating The Right Environment For Friendly Gut Bacteria

“Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what you are,” propounded French Author Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, back in 1826. If you watch Iron Chef, you’ll have heard the chairman quote that ancient but worthy aphorism. Brillat-Savarin is considered to be the father of the now happily pandemic, low-carb way of eating. The plain fact is that trouble in the gut is all about creating the right environment for the friendly bacteria we need and ferreting out the bad bacteria that we introduce via what we eat. As Hippocrates himself stated, “All disease begins in the gut.”.

When the body tries to digest the Western diet, consisting predominantly of processed or refined foods, the bloodstream gains access to material that is totally foreign.  As if that weren’t bad enough, the good gut bacteria become overrun with parasites, yeast and ‘bad’ bacteria. In essence, friendly bacteria form up to 60% of the faecal content of our intestines. Their function is to detoxify, digest and modulate the immune system. When the proportions of good and bad bacteria are out of balance, the result is havoc to the ENS (Enteric Nervous System) – the 100 million nerve cells lining our entire GI tract.

Here’s another alarming aftereffect of bacterial imbalance in our systems: 90% of the body’s serotonin is made right there in the GI tract and when the environment is polluted by bad bacteria, it all becomes inflamed and serotonin production shuts down. The human being immediately loses his sense of well-being and if such a system-compromising diet is not eliminated, the friendly bacteria all but vanish. Depression, indigestion, heartburn, food sensitivities, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), leaky gut, cardiovascular problems, osteoporosis and a myriad more diseases like dementia and early Parkinson’s Disease then start to manifest.

To create the right environment to foster friendly bacteria, follow the “4 R’s Procedure”:

1.  Remove the cause of the bad bacteria

2.  Repair the damage by detoxing the system

3.  Restore a human-compatible diet of clean food and key nutrients

4.  Replace the friendly bacteria, your vital digestive enzymes to optimal levels (live culture yoghurt is a fast track restorer) and feel the difference.

Friendly bacteria are also knocked out by anti-biotic medicine, so anytime those are used, there is an urgent need to rebalance the system afterwards. It is said our gut is our ‘2nd’ brain’ in that studies show cellular memory and other distinguishing capabilities occurring in the entire GI system. A sluggish gut will almost certainly result in a sluggish brain. All the more reason to teach our children the value the quest of every human alive to create the right environment and keep friendly bacteria in balance.

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