Detoxification, not Deprivation, Delivers

The desperate plea? ‘Deliver us from illness’ – or just from FLC (feeling like crap) every day. The reply? ‘Detox. Once and for all time’. The sceptic counters with: ‘For real?’ The confirmation: ‘That’s the deal.’ This may just be the most meaningful little interchange we’ll ever read in our lives. As sick as we may feel, our systems will respond to detoxification with rewarding speed and life altering results. First, let’s understand how our systems became so toxic.

Food Industry Hijack Creates Detoxification Emergency

If there was one life changing thing for ourselves, our children and all of modern mankind to know, it would be what New York Times journalist Michael Moss reported in his book, “Salt Sugar Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us” – a recommended read.

In short, the food industry has focussed on getting us hooked by incorporating levels of sugar, salt and fat, into our foods and beverages. Understand that a lot of what we consume without thought today is designed to ‘override our dietary self-control’ as Moss puts it. Intake at these levels, not only necessitates urgent detoxification, but it makes food addicts out of us. The industry hires experts to calculate the ‘bliss point’ in order to generate ‘heavy users’ to increase the ‘stomach share’. The tastes and flavours we’ve come to love and crave, light up the same pleasure centres of our brains as does a hit of cocaine, compelling us all to overconsumption.

If we are struggling with belly fat, our biology has been hi-jacked by Moss’s dreaded food industry moguls. We have ‘muck up the pipes’, ‘dirt in the engine’ so, no wonder we’re not up to par. We urgently need detoxification measures to clean up. The incredible bonus of following a detoxification program is that it actually resets our faulty neurotransmitters and sabotaged hormones.

Detoxification: The Sure-Fire Way to Fight Back

The good news is that most of us are but ten days away from health and happiness. The deal though, was ‘detox once and for all’. That’s because, as is the case with any addiction - intended or unintended, we can never go back, not even for a little, without throwing our neurotransmitters back into addiction mode. The plain truth is that we will never get well as long as we consume what is poisoning our systems.

Ready for Detoxification Now?

Detoxification Step1: STOP.  For the next 10 days, don’t touch anything manmade and that includes the barista making your latte, which can have more sugar than a can of Coke. So out with anything from a box, a tin, a bottle and you know manmade bread and grains have all been tampered with right? So, go for what’s real, fresh and whole.

Detoxification Step 2: START every day packing the protein – free range proteins. This sorts out the blood sugar and insulin imbalances we have and cuts the craving in half. Pack protein in the middle of the day too and end with some more.

Detoxification Step 3: FUEL up on FAT. We’re talking good fats of course. They’re in nuts and seeds. Dress your fresh salads with extra virgin olive oil and add avocado. Use coconut butter and omega-3 fats from fish are essential for our cells and brains. The rule? Fats fight sugar – got it?

Detoxification Step 4: FEAST on non-starchy carbs – much as we can, much as we like. We told you it’s not about deprivation and we won’t feel deprived, but there is the starchy-stuff avoidance rule: no beans, no beets, no potato (no baby potatoes or sweet potatoes). So? it’s just for 10 days!

Take the Detoxification challenge and see the results for yourself. Resetting our systems will be the best gift we can give ourselves for a lifetime. Our waking up feeling lousy will cease, we’ll have energy and brainpower to live our lives the way we know we want to.


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