Natural Antibiotics from Nature’s Apothecary.

The advent of medicinal or allopathic antibiotics not only caused almost everyone to forget nature’s cures but in a double-edged sword strike, made way for the development of today’s ‘super-bugs’, which are increasingly resistant to those antibiotics. Even more woefully, the general public has been horribly misled into believing that the bad effects of allopathic antibiotics on good gut bacteria can be rectified ‘with a little live culture yoghurt’ taken for a few days. Evidence is now beginning to surface that gut flora is damaged for a few years and in some cases, permanently by medicinal antibiotics. A veritable scourge of leaky gut syndrome is being experienced by those using such antibiotics.

Nature’s Phenomenal Antibiotic Range

Part of the phenomenal success and power in nature’s apothecary or storehouse is that our body cells ‘recognize’ the ingredients as they appear in nature. Instead of needing high dosages to overcome rejection of lab-created imitations, the body responds rapidly to natural bacterial and virus-fighting properties. Let’s open up the cupboard as it were and introduce you to our Top 7 natural antibiotics.

Natural Antibiotic 1: Echinacea – for fighting upper respiratory infections and the common cold.

Natural Antibiotic 2: Colloidal Silver – the big daddy of all of nature’s cures - known to knock out bacteria resistant to all known antibiotics.

Natural Antibiotic 3: Garlic – destroys pathogens plus bacteria, getting rid of viruses and fungus, is a natural pre-biotic and fights parasites and worms too.

Natural Antibiotic 4: Honey – if pure, raw and unheated Haney will take out that strep throat issue like none other. Perfect for any skin-based infections and dental cavity prevention.

Natural Antibiotic 5: Ginger – Love sushi? Wonder why its always served with ginger? Ginger sorts out salmonella, campylobacter and listeria.

Natural Antibiotic 6: Olive Leaf Extract: From the same trees as our olive oil, this natural power packed cure reduces fevers, is wonderful for malaria and standing infections like candida.

Natural Antibiotic 7:  Turmeric- has been known to banish hay fever, allergic rhinitis but works a treat for gastroduodenal ulcers regardless of the genetic makeup of the strain. A great immune system booster.

Allopathic antibiotics may be given fair credence as a last resort in a life-threatening crisis. But, rest assured, our planet teems with powerful natural antibiotics and we would do ourselves and our loved ones a great disservice by remaining ignorant of them. Families all over the world have been drug-free for ten, fifteen and more years by educating themselves on the bounty of nature’s magnificent apothecary.*

*The word apothecary entered English in the 14th century and derives from the Latin apothÄ“ca, "storehouse." It became a title for the person who was skilled in preparing medicines. "Pharmacist" is a more common synonym for apothecary. We use the word in its original sense, as nature’s storehouse of cures.


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