Unani Tibb Medicine: What is it And How Can It Help Me?

As modern medicine progresses, we see ever more clearly the link between lifestyle, our innate mental and emotional disposition, and the quality of life that we enjoy. Unani Tibb medicine (also referred to as Unani Medicine, or simply, Tibb) has been expounding these thoughts for centuries but has only recently enjoyed the acceptance that it deserves.

What is Unani Tibb Medicine?

Unani Tibb is a holistic system of medicine based on the ancient teachings of Hippocrates and scientist Galen of Pergamon, Unani Tibb was widely accepted by Arabic physicians. The focus in both on prevention as well as cure.

The basic premise is that the body has the power to heal itself, and therefore any medical assistance needs to help the body to do just that. In addition, the principles of treatment stand on four maxims which need to factor in both the diagnosis of the illness as well as the treatment.

These are:


Each person is unique with their own set of personal characteristics. That said, Unani Tibb medicine divides people into four broader categories which are representative of a predisposition towards certain features. These are:

  • Sanguineous
  • Phlegmatic
  • Melancholic
  • Bilious


This refers to the body’s power to heal itself. It is supported by changes in lifestyle and diet initially, followed by medication and therapies. Medications are natural or herbal, and therapies can include massage, cupping, meditation, aromatherapy, and other lifestyle management treatments.


This pillar refers to the balance and harmony (or lack of) within a person. Disharmony results in disease


Many modern-day diseases are preventable, which means that they are caused and exacerbated by destructive lifestyle choices. Diet, sleep, emotional imbalances, stressors and exercise are all closely examined with the aim of undoing the damage our lives are doing to our bodies.

The subject of Unani Tibb medicine is a large and fascinating one. It is proving to be a gentle and effective way to both prevent and cure illness and is well worth exploring. We’d like to encourage you to talk to Dr Sanua who will be able to assist you down this path of wellness.


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