Can a Sick Colon be the Cause of Your Halitosis?

Bad breath is a universal problem and solutions in the form of mouth wash, specialised toothpaste and flavoured dental floss abound. However, while these certainly help to keep your mouth clean and relatively bacteria-free, the cause of halitosis lies somewhere else entirely. 

According to Dr Lynn Carmichael of the University of Miami School of Medicine, “Most breath odor doesn`t come from the mouth or lungs; it comes from the colon,''

How is the Colon a Cause of Halitosis?

According to Carmichael, the bacteria in the colon gets to work on food residue causing the release of gases. Food such as beans, broccoli or asparagus causes further gas, which is subsequently carried by the blood into the lungs – resulting in bad breath. 

So, it’s worth having a closer look at your diet if you find that you suffer from bloating, cramps, excess gas and halitosis. 

However, there is more to this riddle than the food you eat. 

When the essential friendly bacteria in the digestive tract is too low, the whole process slows down resulting in partially digested food which spends too much time in our bodies and starts to decay. This decaying food results in foul gases which end up coming out both ends – so to speak. Constipation, a sluggish digestive system or too much of the wrong food results in poor nutrient absorption, and an overload of bad bacteria and toxins.

Dealing with Halitosis

Aside from a good oral hygiene routine and regular visits to the dentist, give some attention to your diet. A diet high in raw foods comes with many positive side effects – higher quality nutrients, more fibre, and more “good bacteria” for your gut. Be sure to drink enough water which will flush out both the mouth and the body. Consider a detox to clean your body from the inside, and possibly colon hydrotherapy which will assist with the elimination of residual bacteria-laden food.

If you are struggling with halitosis, we’d like to encourage you to book an appointment with Dr Sanua who can assist with identifying the root cause and help you back to overall wellness.  





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