Is There a Link Between Antibiotics and Allergies?

A healthy gut contributes much to our overall wellness. We well know how leaky gut syndrome or disturbances in the flora of our gut is the root cause of many illnesses including depression, anxiety and diabetes. To take this further, there is increasing interest in the link between antibiotics and allergies, specifically skin allergies such as eczema.

An article published back in 2004 on WebMD has this to say; “According to researchers, the rates of allergies and asthma have increased. They say this correlates with increasing antibiotic use and possibly relates to the hygiene theory. This may mean that modern practices of sanitation could deprive people of defences needed to prevent asthma and allergies.”

Antibiotics have been a useful tool over the years, however, they also seem to be a default go-to solution for issues which can be better addressed by lifestyle changes and nutrition. Antibiotics impact the good bacteria in our gut which is why we are offered a probiotic when prescribed a course of antibiotics.

What has become more apparent is the link between impaired gut health caused by antibiotics, and allergies.

The Link Between Antibiotics and Allergies

Science Daily published the findings of a study relating to the link between skin allergies and gut microbiota.

They say, “Epidemiological data of various kinds suggest a link between changes in gut microbiota composition and the development of allergic diseases, like eczema, at body sites far removed from the intestine. But an explanation for this association had been lacking until now.”

The full article details the science behind their findings, but the basics are clear.

Our modern diets which include too much sugar, too little fibre, and too few fruits and vegetables, on top of the readily available plethora of antibiotics impact the health of our gut. Asthma and skin allergies at body sites far from the digestive system are becoming more common

Treating the symptoms of skin allergies without addressing the underlying cause is, as you must agree, a futile and costly exercise.

If you have questions relating to the link between antibiotics and allergies, and you’re interested in a treatment program which helps your body to heal from within, then we’d like to encourage you to call Dr Sanua for a consultation.



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