Making Use of the Amazing Self-Healing Properties of Our Bodies

When we hear the term “self-healing” we often think of a quiet and beautiful retreat where we can enjoy time alone to meditate and rest our weary minds. While this is true, the self-healing we are referring to in this article centres around the fascinating way our body regenerates and can – given the right environment – heal itself.

Self-Healing at Work

One of the best examples of a self-healing organ is our liver. Given that it acts as a filter, produces and excretes cholesterol and hormones and manages to make time to metabolise fats, proteins and carbohydrates shows the value of this amazing organ.

However, our modern lifestyles with excessive drink, processed foods high in saturated fats, pharmaceuticals, stress, and toxins in our food and water means that our liver is always working hard to catch up and keep up with its workload. Even a damaged liver will work up until it can no longer sustain its function.

But, take away the stressors; drink filtered water instead of soft drinks, detox with vegetable juices and herbal teas, eat less meat and more plants, go easy on over-the-counter medicines if you can, get out into nature and allow your body to rest, and your liver instantly begins to regenerate.

Remove half your liver, and within the right environment, it will grow back in a matter of months. (Although we don’t encourage you to test this at home.)

Key Takeaway

Yes, this is interesting information, but what does it mean for you?

We have seen first-hand how our amazing bodies heal themselves and how, all too often, we are to blame for our own illness through lack of self-care and poor lifestyle choices.

Conventional medicine treats the symptoms of an illness; you will get a pain-killer for your headache. We, however, look deeper into the cause of the headache and give the body what it needs to heal itself. Our incredible self-healing bodies will do the work, we just need to give them the right tools.


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