The Importance of the Minimum Dose

Homoeopathy employs two important principles when prescribing medicine. These are the minimum and the single dose.  The law of minimum dose is based upon the understanding that only enough medicine should be prescribed to trigger a healing response which one’s own body then simultaneously builds on to restore balance and health.

When disease attacks the body, it overpowers the bodies resistance and makes it vulnerable to the disease. Because the body is already sensitive, only slight stimuli need be applied in order to reduce the instance of mistakenly killing off normal body cells and weakening the patient further. Thus, the biggest advantage of the law of minimum dose is that it presents none of the gross side effects that one often experiences when taking conventional medicine.

The action of homoeopathic remedies goes beyond the chemical reaction as we more commonly understand it, as it was discovered by German physician and father of Homeopathy Samuel Hahnemann, that the more medicine is diluted, the gentler it is on the body. Hahnemann also noted that the diluted form, divided into doses rather than given all at once, seemed to act at a deeper level within the body.

“The highest ideal of cure is the speedy, gentle and enduring restoration of health by the most trustworthy and least harmful” – Samuel Hahnemann

In homoeopathy, remedies are made by diluting one part of the original form of the substance in ninety-nine drops of water or alcohol. The succession process, which involves vigorous shaking, grinding or agitation of the remedy, is what gives it it’s potency. The first generation of the remedy is called 1C (centesimal). To make 2C potency, one drop of the 1C solution is further diluted in ninety-nine drops of water or alcohol and again succussed.

The goal of the law of minimum dose is ultimately to produce immunity that effectively makes the body stronger than the disease, thereby restoring the person to health.

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