Are you Suppressing Illness or Curing It?

How many of us have had a headache and the first thing we do is reach for a pain killer? Does the pain killer solve the problem, or are we suppressing the illness?

Certainly, taking a pain killer when we are healing from a broken bone, or even while enduring cold or flu symptoms is not likely to cause a major problem – after all, the bone is healing, and perhaps after a day or two of rest and some healthy eating, our body will win the war on the flu bug.

However, should we place our lives in the hands of modern medicine which “works” by suppressing the pain or the disease?

Curing or Suppressing Illness?

There are definitely modern drugs which help to get us through an illness, but our focus here is more on identifying and curing the problem, as opposed to forcing it deeper into the body or simply pushing the symptoms into the background.

Imagine for a moment that you have a broken foot. You take pain killers and anti-inflammatory medication which allows you to walk around and continue with your day. It’s likely that you are exacerbating the injury, perhaps causing long—term damage by not allowing the bones time and rest to heal properly.

When you are ill, temporary relief from the symptoms of your illness does not mean you are healing. 

In fact, if you are no longer experiencing the symptoms of your illness then it’s probable that the symptoms went away on their own, or the medication that you took suppressed your immune system causing the symptoms to disappear. In this case, the symptoms of your illness tend to be replaced with a potentially more serious or dangerous problem.

A contribution to the Huffington Post by Dana Ullman reads, “Homeopaths and naturopaths both assert that there is a big difference between real healing, palliation of symptoms, and suppression of disease, even though each of these results may initially seem to be the same.”

She further says, “Doctors and drug companies tend to minimize the real problems of suppressing the disease process by referring to the “side effects” of a drug. And yet, pharmacologists commonly note that the determining a drug’s “effects” and its “side effects” are completely arbitrary. They are both the direct effect of the drug upon the human body.”

You’re More Than Your Symptoms

It’s no secret that the presentation of a symptom may indicate a deeper problem elsewhere. For example, a skin disorder can be caused by an allergy, a food intolerance, or an emotional or mental issue. 

Dr Sanua understands this fundamental truth and treats his patients holistically. You are a spiritual, emotional and physical being, and the factors that affect your health and wellness are more than skin deep. 

Book your appointment with Dr Sanua now and he can discuss with you the difference between suppression of illness and cure.


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