Fighting Fatigue through Your Gut

Fatigue is the feeling of constant tiredness or weakness. It can be physical, mental or a combination of both and can affect anyone. Fatigue is best classified as a symptom and not a condition or disease.

Fatigue, body aches and cognitive dysfunction all stem from the same primary issue, which is the failure of the mitochondria, the little energy particles in every cell, to produce energy. Mental health issues, as well as digestive issues, including the health of our gut microbiome, have a lot to do with this breakdown. Dr Perlmutter, a board-certified neurologist from Miami, renowned speaker and author of seven books, one of which is a New York Times bestseller, is an expert on the connection between the gut microbiome and the brain. His research has proven that diet and nutrition relate to processes in the body such as inflammation, which he concludes is the cornerstone of some of our most dreaded brain diseases as well as obesity, diabetes and even cancer.  The implications of research about the microbiome show that every aspect of our health, how we heal and our general physiologic functioning, is heavily dependent upon the health of the organisms that live within us. Basically, what goes on in our gut is intricately interconnected with our brain, our heart and our immune system. Dr Perlmutter believes that should we continually challenge our gut bacteria; we are simply setting the stage for the very diseases that we fear most and don’t have treatment for.  People with generalised fatigue and chronic fatigue are always tired and their muscles ache because they are not able to metabolise fuel sources appropriately. This discomfort is compounded by a build-up of lactic acid which leads to brain fog and other issues. From an evolutionary perspective, the mitochondria used to be bacteria that joined with our human cells and worked as a team so when there is inflammation present in our bodies, which is often caused by an altered microbiome in our gut, these mitochondria become damaged. Thus, if you are suffering from fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome, your problem very likely lies between the mitochondria and the microbiome. 

Diet and Exercise

Overuse of antibiotics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, acid blockers, proton pump inhibitors as well as exposure to various environmental toxins is changing our microbiomes for the worse so wherever possible, try to avoid or limit the use and your exposure to such things. Since what we take into our bodies all relates back to the health of our gut bacteria as well as influencing inflammation in our bodies and brains, a healthy diet is important.  
The best approach to challenging fatigue and chronic fatigue would be an integrated one that looks at multiple modalities to treat the whole body and not just individual symptoms.  As a Doctor of Naturopathy and Homoeopathy, finding a holistic approach to healing is what Dr Alain Sanua does best. Talk to him today about how he can help you conquer your fatigue.


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