Lose Weight Naturally with An Adrenal Reset Diet

The weight war is a big struggle for many, not only from an overall health perspective but also because looking good improves how we feel about ourselves in general. If you have been working hard to lose weight but are finding that the ‘eat less and move more’ scenario is not working, then you might want to consider an Adrenal Reset Diet. 

Created by Alan Christianson, NMD, a naturopathic physician, an adrenal reset diet done right can help you to shed weight, manage future weight gain, increase your stress tolerance, improve your energy levels and even restore patterns of deep and restful sleep. 

The Issue of Weight Gain

In the days of hunting and gathering, our bodies ‘storage state’ which prepared us for times when food supplies were lean, worked in our favour. Now, because there is a shop on every corner and food is easily accessible, our bodies natural storage technique is effectively causing us to gain weight. This is due to our bodies no longer effectively burning the fuel stored from our diets, which on top of the weight gain is also leading to fatigue. 

Dr Christianson maintains that restricting calories is possibly the worst thing that you can do for your body because it only worsens your body’s ‘storage’ response. Yes, you may lose weight initially, but you will gain it back relatively quickly the minute you stop counting calories or as your body adjusts.

An adrenal reset diet works by turning off this storage state. The diet is tailored to your own adrenal rhythm and adrenal cycles and helps to control your thyroid to make it work effectively when it comes to weight management.

Resetting the Adrenal Rhythm

Your adrenal glands are tiny but powerful glands on top of your kidneys that produce hormones such as cortisol, a very strong stress hormone and cortisone, a weaker steroid hormone.

When it comes to belly fat, there is a crazy conversion that happens with these adrenal hormones. Belly fat makes cortisone stronger by turning it into cortisol and cortisol is, in turn, converted into cortisone. Visceral belly fat, however, is the biggest problem. It has been discovered that those with more visceral fat (fat around the organs) have a more disconnected rhythm with cortisol, which throws everything out of balance.

The way in which we make cortisol is influenced by the carbohydrates, fats and proteins we eat. The adrenal reset diet focuses on optimising timed carbohydrate intake, which helps repair the body’s rhythm and also results in sustained visceral fat loss as well as correction of the adrenal rhythm – the opposite of what happens when you follow a calorie-restricted diet. 

Dr Christianson explains that not everyone can be on the same adrenal reset diet, however, as some people overproduce cortisol “stressed”, others have cortisol timing that is out of whack “wired and tired” and others underproduce cortisol “crashed”.  Your eating plan would thus need to be formulated to focus on optimising your own adrenal glands for weight loss.

Other things which help to improve adrenal health is to reduce stress, get more sleep and work on some general detoxification.

As a Doctor of Naturopathy and Homoeopathy, finding a holistic approach to healing is what Dr Alain Sanua does best. Talk to him today about repairing your body’s rhythm and losing weight using a personalised adrenal reset diet.




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