Can Natural Remedies Break The Link Between Sugar and Disease?

Sugar, or rather, added sugar, is a hot topic and has been in the field of health for some time now. Sometimes, it’s hard to know what to believe when it comes to food fads; today fat is bad, tomorrow it’s essential. 

As science and medicine explore this issue, the link between sugar and disease is becoming increasingly clear. 

The Link Between Sugar and Disease

It’s no secret that too much sugar makes causes weight gain. 

We know this. 

But it’s worth understanding why added sugar is poses such a health risk to the human body.

Just to be clear, sugar is a naturally occurring substance found in most foods. So, when we consume fruits, vegetables or whole grains, our bodies digest these slowly, releasing the sugar as a steady supply which feeds our cells and gives us energy. Our bodies know what to do with it.

Added sugar, however, is another issue altogether.

The Western diet is now well-known to have added sugar in a rather frightening array of foods. In fact, an article on the subject of the dangers of sugar from Harvard Health says, “In the American diet, the top sources are soft drinks, fruit drinks, flavored yogurts, cereals, cookies, cakes, candy, and most processed foods. But added sugar is also present in items that you may not think of as sweetened, like soups, bread, cured meats, and ketchup.

“The result: we consume way too much added sugar. Adult men take in an average of 24 teaspoons of added sugar per day, according to the National Cancer Institute. That's equal to 384 calories.”

When we unknowingly consume an excess of sugar hidden in our day-to-day foods, the impact affects our vital organs. 

For example, too much sugar can:

  • Cause a fatty liver contributing to diabetes

  • Raise blood pressure

  • Cause inflammation

  • Cause weight gain

  • Cause mood swings

  • Compromise your immune system

  • Cause tooth decay

As a firm believer in giving the body the right tools to operate at its peak efficiency, Dr Sanua has a wealth of knowledge and experience in dietary health. 

If you are struggling with ailments caused by a poor diet, or too much sugar, please feel free to book a consultation with Dr Sanua who can walk through some natural solutions with you.




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