What causes chronic headaches


In Chinese medicine, the location of the pain is very significant and relates directly to the acupuncture meridians (this does not imply that the sole treatment is acupuncture).

A headache on the forehead is more often caused by the colon, most likely due to ongoing constipation.

Chronically congested sinuses will cause pain above the sinuses, the lower part of the forehead in line with the eye brows.

 Bearing in mind, if there is constipation this will aggravate and even contribute to the sinusitis if this is a chronic condition.

Pain located in the temples as well as on the side of the head (parietal lobes), is directly linked to the liver being overburdened by an excess of toxins due to a poor diet or to food intolerances ….

Headaches occurring around the period of ladies menses is usually located in the temples and due to unopposed and excessive oestrogen levels circulating in the blood. The liver being overburdened by toxins, has to now deal with a rush of Oestrogen to the liver in order to be detoxified via sulfuration or glutathione conjugation (main sources of removing toxins out of the body). Since the liver gives priority to the hormones to be removed first, this will cause a backlog of the residual toxins and hormones and will cause a headache.

Occipital headches, in other words, at the back of the head are due to back and neck issues or even kidney related such as high blood pressure as this is a big strain on the kidneys.

Pain on the top of the head is related to blood pressure: either too high or too low pressure.

Stress, lack of fresh air, fatigue, too little sleep, allergies to food or medication, visual problems are also common causes.

Treatment of headaches will vary depending on its individual cause and some examples follows:

  • The neck being the trigger will require spinal adjustment by myself and often acupuncture.
  • Food intolerances will be removed by excluding certain families of foods.
  • If the liver is overburdened by toxins this can be treated by adequate support of the detoxification such as Sulfuration, methylation etc.

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