Regenerate Immune system after C V 19

How the CV19 Pandemic can compromise the Immune System and how to regenerate it.

The Immune System is one of two organs that interacts with  the outside world.

The other is the Nervous System, and specifically the Sense Organs (vision, taste, hearing, touching and sense of smell) .

The major part of our Immunity is localised in the lining of the gut, so as to monitor the entrance of nefarious bacteria, viruses, parasites, funguses and toxins of any sort into our bodies.

There are two arms to the Immunity, the Innate and the Adaptive Systems (macrophages,

T-regulatory cells, T- killer cells etc.)

The lining of the mouth, nose, respiratory as well as  the gut are protected by a Mucus Membrane, a diverse microbiome as well as a particular antibody called IGA that binds to viruses, bacteria and toxins to prevent them from entering the body.

If one’s body is under any stress (mental or physical) the level of the IGA s will drop and the pathogens will now be allowed to trespass via the mucous membranes into the blood stream.

The state of the planet with the overuse of antibiotics, pesticides, heavy metals, new toxic substances, GMO s, are all  affecting the  entire ecosystem which we are part of .

Since the advent of the Covid pandemic, it has come to our attention that besides the Elderly being the most vulnerable, the so called people with a ”co morbidity“ issue such as Hypertension, Diabetes and Obesity that I refer to as Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) are also very vulnerable.

Why are they more susceptible to the present pandemic?

By having studied the Virus we have come to understand that the underlying cause of these NCDs are actually directly related to the Immune System as it is to the actual virus. A common denominator to the NCD’s and the Viral infection is the Immune System.

In Hypertension, the virus spreads through the cells via the ACE receptor at the surface of the cells. The same one responsible for raising one’s blood pressure.

In Diabetes, the mucus lining of the gut is thinned and causes a leaky gut which causes the Immune System to respond immediately and can over react to the invasion of the virus.

In Obesity, there is a distinction to make between the subcutaneous fat and the abdominal fat .The first one is not inflammatory (non-angry immune response) the second qualified as Inflamed Vat (visceral abdominal fat) and has an angry response to stimulation.

As for the inflammatory genes, if there are mutations, these patients will have a strong tendency to react to the invaders and cause a strong response by the Immune System..

 To each blood group there is a corresponding mix of good gut bacteria. In the blood groups A, B and AB there are what we call non secretors, in other words the microbiome in the gut does not correspond to the blood group and for that reason they chew up the mucus lining of the gut and increase the intestinal permeability and as a consequence a stronger reaction from the Immune System as trespassing is now facilitated and followed by more inflammation as the Immune System lines the gut.

The O blood group is a normal secretor, so no thinning of the mucus membrane and less inflamed response to any invasion by viruses.

It must not be forgotten that the Immunity is affected by ongoing stress and emotional upsets which will weaken the two arms of the Immune System and reduce the T- regulatory cells as well as the T- killer cells that protect us.

The bonding hormone, Oxytocin, produced in the Pituitary Gland is also released when stimulated by the gut microbiome and particularly by Reutereri probiotic. It raises the Immunity, it is anti-inflammatory, wound healing and has weight loss properties as well as reducing stress.

The female hormones Oestrogen as well as Progesterone have a protective effect against infections, thus  women are less prone to the viral infection than men. On the other hand, women are more likely to develop Auto Immune conditions.

There is an increase in allergies, in babies and infants due to a drop in the diversity of good bacteria protecting the mucus barrier. One of the reasons is that the farm animals are over treated with antibiotics, pesticides, heavy metals etc.

The cord of a new born shows us that the Immune System is already in an allergic state due to the mother’s exposure to a toxic environment caused by pesticides, heavy metals, antibiotics etc.

It has been noticed, that when we no longer see butterflies flying around there is a dramatic increase in the occurrence of allergies.

What to do :

  • Radically change our attitude towards Nature and allow the Eco System to regenerate.
  • Encourage the consumption of organic foods, regular exercising, a good sleep pattern, spending time outdoors and in nature as well as nurturing healthy emotional relationships.
  • Educate society with regards to the implications of the destruction of the environment and how it is affecting our communal general health.
  • Support the Immune System with Zinc, Vit C, Vit A and Glutathion .

One of the main reasons that the body ages is the progressive dysfunction of the Immune System through what we call Autophagy ( the removal of old, ageing and less functional cells by new ones) which helps to boost the Immunity and slow down Ageing.

  • Supporting the autophagy and the regeneration of the Immune System with a low fat, low caloric ketogenic diet.
  • Fasting, or even intermittent fasting  for sixteen hours.

These will support autophagy and will boost the immunity. 


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