Hashimoto’s and pregnancy: how hypothyroidism affects trying to have a baby and why it matters

A lot of things must happen to have a healthy egg implanted in a healthy uterus to make a healthy baby. If there are problems with any hormones or their release, then there will be problems with pregnancy and fertilization. As it turns out, thyroid hormone can affect all of these hormones. When women have hypothyroidism, a common problem is an increase of another hormone called prolactin. This causes less of a release of LH, and a loss of progesterone receptor site sensitivity, and a loss in sensitivity to FSH in the follicle. All of these losses lead to problems with ovulation, and they also mess with the communication to the pituitary gland.

Using birth control pills on top of this can further harm the communication and feedback loops in this system. Using herbs to stimulate the ovaries or the reproductive system will also not work unless the hypothyroid issues are corrected. Studies have found that even mild hypothyroidism may cause ovarian problems. Testing thyroid function is very important with women who suffer from infertility, especially if they have elevated prolactin or they can’t ovulate. Hypothyroidism may lead to low FSH levels, which may lead to immature follicles and infertility. Suppressed LH levels will often lead to problems with ovulation in timing or abnormal luteal phase progesterone levels. These changes may cause miscarriage, depression in the second half of your cycle, or migraines in the second half of your cycle.


What should you do if you have Hashimoto’s and you want to get pregnant? 

  • Chart Your Fertility Cycle - Your chances of success are better if you know your body and how it is working. Women with Hashimoto’s or hypothyroidism often have lower than normal body temperature. Keep track and find out when your body temperature goes up because, as I stated above, this signals ovulation, the best time to make babies.
  • Confirm Your Pregnancy As Soon As Possible - Don’t wait to have no period, buy lots of pregnancy tests and test early and often. The developing fetus relies almost entirely on the mother for thyroid hormone.
  • Monitor Your Thyroid Hormone Levels Frequently Throughout Your Pregnancy - This is HUGELY IMPORTANT. Because if your TSH levels or T4 levels get too low, it can seriously threaten your baby and you could lose him or her.

Bottom Line ….

Like so many things that involve Hashimoto’s, you need to be proactive and armed with knowledge and information to deal with your condition because many doctors and practitioners out there don’t know how to deal with you.

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