Prevention is better than cure: Looking into iridology

So many factors come together to shape our overall health and well-being.

Our genetics, diet, emotional state, environment, and lifestyle choices all determine how well our bodies work, and what is likely to go wrong in the future. However, most – if not all - of our health problems are only treated once they display some form of symptom. Otherwise, how would you know that something is amiss?

What of those of us who experience deteriorating health over a period of time? Or perhaps we suffer from nagging issues like headaches, aching muscles, fatigue, or skin problems and we simply learn to live with them – treating the symptom without knowing the cure? What if they stem from larger, more sinister issues that haven’t fully presented themselves?

Iridology can identify ongoing health problems without the need for expensive and invasive tests.

In fact, iridology is an ideal preventative health analysis. Coupled with other forms of therapy it is a gentle yet thorough way of determining past and current problems, and preventing potential future health issues.

Iridology is not a new science. But it has been garnering more interest as people search for natural solutions to medical, emotional and psychological problems.
The overarching theme of iridology is to treat the person instead of the symptoms.

This means that the practitioner can establish problems such as inflammation, acidity, under- or overactive organs and numerous other issues which may or may not be presenting symptoms. What genetic predispositions are likely to affect you, personally? How has your diet impacted your health? What mental or emotional trauma is affecting you currently? These factors are highly individual and cannot be treated with a conventional one-size-fits-all solution.
The causes of many health problems are never uncovered, yet pills are dished out to mute the body and prevent the pain or inflammation. For example, some headaches are caused by spinal alignment problems, others from digestive disorders, and still others from food allergies. Dulling the pain fixes none of them, yet many conventional treatments simply use this as a default.

The iris can indicate a problem in its earliest stages, well before any symptoms are present.

Therefore, armed with this arsenal of unique, personalised health information, a program can be developed to treat – and prevent – the patient’s health problems.
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