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In today’s hectic pace, we tend to not look after our bodies properly as we are too busy and would choose the quick fix way when we fall ill. It is easy to go to your doctor and get antibiotics prescribed to make yourself better, but this can leave your already lowered immune system depleted and depending on your illness, might even lead to taking more medication as antibiotics don’t always work.

Choose the healthy and alternate route to caring for your body by using homoeopathic medicine. As a natural alternative to prescribed medicine, it is safe to use daily and will help fight infections and build your immune system back up again. Homeopaths are generally frowned upon as being weird as people battle to accept the fact that natural medication can heal you better than any chemically induced medication can. A child’s immune system is not as strong as an adult’s and they generally tend to pick up any and every germ known to man. Boost your child’s immune system by giving them a teaspoon of Biostrath every morning. It is 100% natural and safe!

Homeopathic medicine can be used for a number of systems – some serious and some to help you cope with the day to day stresses. Unfortunately most people are unable to cope normally with traumatic events, stressful situations, panic or anxiety and need medication to treat this. Instead of spending a fortune on medication that will invariably leave you feeling like a zombie and lead to a total lack of concentration, try homeopathic medicine which will help you deal with whatever situation in a natural way. Try aconite, gelsemium or phosphorous which can be purchased at any wellness clinic or pharmacy that stocks natural products.

ADD (attention deficit disorder) can be easily kept in control with homeopathic medicine. The biggest side effect of prescribed medication for ADD is a total lack of energy, the medication might assist with your child’s concentration in class but it can leave your child feeling drained. Homeopathic medicine will not only help your child with accelerated concentration but it will keep your child’s energy levels as they should normally be.

Every women suffers from period pains in their lifetime and sometimes that pain can be absolutely excruciating. Don’t go to the pharmacy and get loads of pain medication, rather purchase magnesium phos, pulsatilla or sepia as your natural medication of choice. Your period pains will be eased the natural way through the use of homeopathic medicine.

The use of natural and alternative medication is a plus – get some more insight into this

Getting older is not something we like to admit to especially when the mind is willing and the body isn’t. Arthritis is one of those horrible ailments which tend to make its presence known when you reach a certain age. Arthritis isn’t curable but natural medication can be taken to ease the pain so that you can carry on with your daily routine in a less painful way.

Alternative medicine is less intrusive on your body and Dr Alain Sanua can assist you in finding the homeopathic medicine best suited to your ailment. Using natural medicine as it has been done since the beginning of time is always the best solution.