What is chelation? Your questions answered

Trying to live a healthy lifestyle can be extremely difficult. Even if you eat well, take natural vitamins and exercise you can still be exposed to harmful toxic metals. In order to get rid of these toxic metals you need to know what chelation is.

What is Chelation? Chelation is whereby chelating agents are administered over a period of time. These chelating agents will help to draw out the harmful toxic metals that exist within your body. Chelation therapy will help to halt the side effects caused by the heavy metal toxicity and will stimulate the enzymes and metabolic pathways, so that they can do their job properly. In order for this to happen, these agents need to be administered either orally or by injection. The agents include:

  • EDTA
  • DMPS
  • DMSA
  • Chorella

Before the process of chelation can begin, a full examination needs to be done to determine which toxic metals are prominent in your body. One of the best ways to discover this is by conducting a urine test. One of the chelating agents will be administered intravenously and then the urine will be collected over several hours. From here, your urine sample will be analyzed and the harmful toxic metals determined. It is extremely important to get a full medical examination before taking any form of chelating agent, as it may cause side effects. There are many different toxic metals that you can be exposed to. By self-medicating, you could be putting yourself at risk.

Chelation is also extremely beneficial for people suffering from heart disease. The toxic metals and calcium will be reduced during the chelation, helping to decrease the aggravation of the platelets. If platelets are aggravated they can clot the blood. With chelation therapy you can help to stimulate your heart in the correct way, without having to take conventional medicine, or eventually having a bypass.

Chelation therapy is completely natural, which is why it is often frowned upon by conventional medical practitioners. This is partly due to the belief that chelation therapy has not been proven and that it is unscientific. Contrary to this belief, it does work and is definitely the way to go if you want to try a more natural approach to removing these toxic metals from your body.

How do you get exposed to these toxic metals?

The question is, how do you get exposed to these toxic metals? Well quite simply we live in a toxic environment. With the pollution that is all around us, we are constantly exposed to thousands of toxic chemicals in the air that we breathe daily. On top of that, harmful toxins can also be found in our food. This is partly due to the fact that the food we eat is covered in pesticides and fertilizers to ensure that they are rid of germs and bugs. Even if you do live, what you consider to be a healthy lifestyle, you will inevitably be exposed to these toxic metals. If you are overly exposed you will need chelation therapy to help you get rid of the toxic metals.

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