Hashimoto’s is a common autoimmune disease. It is a thyroid disorder and an autoimmune disease. The autoimmune part of the equation makes virtually everything a challenge and this is particularly true when it comes to trying to figure out what to eat. One of the absolute truths about Hashimoto’s is that no two people have the same version of the disease. There are too many variables, people are at different stages of progression, and they have other autoimmune, endocrine, digestive or systemic problems. So, generalizing about what kind of diet is the best is kind of like asking, “Where do I build my house on this minefield?”

Where Do I Build My House On This Minefield?

You build it where it won’t set off the mines. Some people estimate that 70 – 80% of the immune system is found in the gut. Whatever the actual percentage, there is no doubt that what goes through your digestive system has a huge impact on your immune system. Huge. This concept is just common sense. People are attached to food. It has cultural, emotional and psychological roots that run deep. However, if you have Hashimoto’s and you want to learn to manage it properly, you need to abandon all of that. It will not serve you.

Fix the Gut, You Slow the Hashimoto’s

Many people also believe that the best way to heal autoimmune disease is by healing the gut. So this begs the question, what heals the gut? The first step to healing the GI tract is to remove all the foods that are creating chronic immune responses. Eventually, you can add them back in one at a time (hopefully). When you do you will begin to discover your own unique set of land mines.

And instead of rummaging around in the dark there are now also diagnostic tests available to help determine which foods cause an autoimmune response in you. This can save you a lot of trial and error and can help you identify the really bad ones.

Most of the Foods That Cause the Most Damage Are the Ones You Love

The foods that tend to be the worst are those that you, invariably, love the most. Like ice cream, cheese, bread, and pasta. And there is a biological reason for this. Both foods made from gluten and milk have proteins that are very similar in structure to morphine. They are called casomorphin in milk and gluteomorphin or gliadorphin in wheat products. No wonder we love them, we’re addicted to them!

Different Camps of Autoimmune Diets

There are a few different camps out there for autoimmune disease diets. Most of them involve elimination and provocation. In other words, you take foods out and put foods back. The biggest differences seem to be which foods you put back. Once again, the reality is that some people can put some foods back and others can’t. Remember, your Hashimoto’s is not your brother’s or sister’s Hashimoto’s. You have to find your own way. There are some foods that some people will have to eliminate from their diets forever. FOREVER.

And this is the real challenge. Because some people will suffer more from cheating than others. But, even if you feel like the damage wasn’t so bad and you can live with it, it may be destroying valuable tissue like your brain or something that you might want to use later in life.

Cheating can have serious and, sometimes, silent consequences, like the destruction of important tissue.

Finding a natural way to heal any ailments is what Dr Alain Sanua does best. From irritable bowel syndrome to Hashimoto’s, Dr Alain Sanua will be able to assist you.